A special message…

I’m on vacation, so I thought I’d put a few random things up here this week (I’ll need to figure out a way to post this on Monday).

First, I wanted to thank everyone for spreading the word about this blog.  The shares on Facebook do wonders for the numbers and I’m approaching around 9,000 hits since it began mid-November.  I’ve been “accused” of only writing this blog to promote my book.  Well yes, that’s exactly why I write it.  It’s a common marketing tool for a lot of nonfiction authors…see?  As much as I like helping other comics, performing, and teaching…in the end I’m trying to make money (vacation wasn’t free).  I know not all of my advise agrees with everyone else’s philosophies every week, but it doesn’t cost you anything.

To further promote my book, I’ve sent out a few copies to those who I knew could share it with a wider audience.  Those who’ve mentioned it on podcasts and their sites, thank you.  I really appreciate the endorsements/mentions and the sales that it led to.  (A few others received it, didn’t thank me, nor did they mention it…baffling.  It costs me over $4 just to ship…you’re killin’ me here.)

Switching gears…good luck/congrats to my friends in the St. Louis contest.  Please don’t be resentful towards anyone who finishes better than you.  I’m a competitive person and I used to be in these kinds of contests back in Columbus.  I know how much they mean, but remember that it’s not going to make or break your career, so have fun (stay sober) and let a good placing be a bonus.

And finally, more shameless self promotion.  My first CD is nearly ready.  I just worked on combining some shows for a bigger setlist on it, so hopefully I can release it at least digitally in the next month or so.  I don’t have a title or cover picked out yet.  If anyone would like to help with photography, please let me know.  My brother is far away at work so he can’t take the shots unfortunately.  As far as upcoming shows, I have weeks in Columbia and Chattanooga this July and anything else will be mentioned on my schedule at www.RobDurhamComedy.com and Facebook.

Starting in August, I’ll be a full-time high school English teacher.  I’ll try to keep this blog going, but I have 150 teenage students who need to learn why reading and writing is important and I’ll be paid a lot more than comedy or book sales.  My advice will also be featured in a comedy magazine which releases quarterly (more details on that when it’s officially printed).

So again, thank you for reading and sharing.  It’s always neat to hear that people have heard of my book, especially the headliners who I’ve looked up to for so many years.  To go back and read some reruns you an find the entire list of my topics here.

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