The entry with all the answers!

I realized that I’ve hit the one-year mark for this blog and my book’s birthday is a month away as well.  Book sales for Don’t Wear Shorts on Stage have stayed consistent on Amazon (though I fell short of my goal of 1,000,000 copies sold).  The blog will be taking a small break until the new year.  Until then, please visit the appendix on my page that has a list of every entry’s title.  Skim through and see if there’s anything you missed or want to revisit…



Enjoy the holiday season, please share any comments.  Thanks!


About Rob Durham

With an English Degree, three years as a doorman at the Columbus Funnybone, over a decade of stand-up experience, and a recent certification in teaching high school English class, writing a book seemed like the next inevitable step for Rob Durham. The son of a coach, Rob has an excellent ability to teach and explain things in the easiest and most direct way possible. His (often labeled ridiculous) memory allows him to think of every possible situation that a new comic might face because at one point he was there too. Rob gives an inside look at comedy that doesn’t sugarcoat the challenges every performer faces. Without ego and the myth that “anyone can do it” Rob gives the reader a true feel of what living the so-called dream feels like, from preparing for that first open mic night to touring the country. View all posts by Rob Durham

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