When should you send your avails?

This week’s entry is a cut and paste of an email from booker and comic Steve Sabo.  Steve was the first booker I had in my career and has been helpful with any questions I’ve had since I’ve known him.  A lot of what I learned from him ended up in Don’t Wear Shorts on Stage.  While his advice might not be 100% universal with all bookers (I’m sure Enrique Iglesias probably sent his avails Saturday morning and it worked for him), I believe the concept of his message here applies to a great majority.  

Steve writes…

Comics, I will keep this very simple.  This applies to ALL bookers, including myself:  If you are sending your avails or asking for specific dates, you should ONLY send them on Tues, Wed or Thurs if you don’t want them to be ignored.  I have received HUNDREDS of avails on Mondays, Fridays and Weekends, and thusly I am sure other bookers have as well.  Mondays are bad days, because Monday is the day we deal with everything that has built up over the weekend, and when we get settled and try to get out act together.  Your avails will just get lost.  Fridays are useless because we are trying to get all our business off the table, we won’t have any interest in looking at things for you.  And the weekend?  If the booker is a comic, he is off doing comedy, and if he isn’t, he is probably trying to enjoy the weekend with his family.  Most if not all of those will be deleted.  I know you do things then because you have the time, or you think of it, or it fits YOUR personal agenda.  BUT, as the adage goes, work SMARTER, not HARDER.  If you send your things at times that are more conducive for them to be looked at, you will have much, much better chance of success.

Next week I’ll be posting additional advice from bookers.  I’m not turning this site into a guest writer blog, but it’s a busy time of the year for me and the advice was too good to not share.  Thank you again to everyone who has written, commented, and given the book a review on Amazon.

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