How to impress bookers online…

I’ve been in comedy club offices while the manager is checking emails from comics.  They get random emails from comics who want to work their club and though they actually do take the time to read or at least skim over them, there’s one thing they always check…the comic’s online schedule.  They need to see where else that comic works because it’s the closest thing to a comedy resumé.  They usually know that club’s reputation and who books it.  I alluded to this a few posts ago but wanted to explain further.

To use an extreme example, if you’ve got a week at Caroline’s that’s pretty much gold for your resumé.  At the same time, having shows listed that sound like a joke themselves (I go back to Corky’s Saloon and Grill) it will only hurt your credibility.  Your schedule is your online resumé and if you don’t have one online, nothing separates you from the thousands of open mic comics.  If you’re not there yet, don’t worry, you don’t need one just yet.  Get some MC weeks at various Funnybones, Improvs, Looney Bins and build from there.  Once you start to get some dates, there are ways to make your schedule look better than it actually is.  I have a lot of tips on how to do this in Don’t Wear Shorts on Stage.  Gaps in a schedule are like gaps in a resumé but there are ways to fill those in to a degree.

Once you’re ready, get a real webpage.  Facebook isn’t enough for a booker to see if you’re legit or not.  They’ll trust your schedule even more than online clips.  The timing of when and how to self-promote is tricky, but that’s explained in my book as well.  You have to know when, how, and how much for each step of your career.  If another comic gives your name to a new club, give the manager something online to show you’re legit.

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